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ISS Safety

We have worked closely with ISS Safety Limited for many years and together we have established a partnership called Machine Safety. The partnership specialises in providing complete safety solutions for industrial machinery and specifically in making old machinery compliant.

Founded in 2001, ISS Safety Limited has a wealth of expertise and experience in factory, process plant and machinery safety. The company provides a wide range of services including safety audits, safe systems of work, risk assessments, system design, product supply and integration, installation, commissioning, training and after sales support.

This is combined with experience working across a broad range of industries including food, beverage, water, aggregate, fire protection, transport, pharmaceutical petrochemical and many more.

Machine Safety LogoMachine Safety is a partnership between Machine Covers Limited and ISS Safety Limited

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We are pleased to be the official UK distributor and agent for Repar2, the renowned Italian manufacturer specialising in industrial safety products for the global marketplace. We are able to supply the whole range of Repar2 safety guarding products to our customers, either individually or as part of an integrated safety guarding solution designed specifically to suit your business.

Repar2 has been producing safety guarding for machine tools since 1970 and has developed a worldwide reputation for excellence. Its large, modern factory is located in Gorla Minore (in the Milan area) and the company offers a wide range of products for lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, drilling machines, slotting machines, sawing machines, presses, boring mills and tool grinders as well as perimeter guarding, anti-fatigue/anti-skidding foot-boards and industrial lamps.

Today Repar2 is the leader in the field of machine safety for mechanical industry, exporting most of its production across the globe. The company’s main objectives are the constant improvement of its products and the provision of an increasingly wide standard range of easy-fitting safety guards which offer full comfort and safety for the operator.