– robot covers –

Robots are intricate pieces of machinery and they require the best possible protection available. However, they can be difficult to cover due to the complexity of their design.

We specialise in providing protection for robots and have worked with most of the major robotic system manufacturers. We have extensive experience in the packaging, automotive and aerospace industries in particular.

We have many robot models from different manufacturers on file and we can produce a basic cover from our records. However, due to end-user modifications and specific applications, a site visit is normally required to provide the best possible solution. We can supply full covers (wrist to plinth), part covers (arm to wrist) or body-only covers.

Because of our specialist expertise, we can produce a cover to suit virtually any type of robot. We have the capability to design, develop, manufacture and integrate a solution to meet your specific requirements.

Our robot covers are split and sealed for easy fitting and removal if required. We stock an extensive range of fabric for most manufacturing environments and we can supply full-fabric or part-steel designs.