sewn construction

We can produce sewn and cemented covers in virtually any profile. As every vee or gusset is cut to the finished design, our covers will retain their profile and integrity no matter how harsh the environment. If damage to the cover occurs, it can immediately be seen and repaired. Our design allows for the replacement of individual sections.

Sewn covers offer the largest open-to-closed ratios. They are cost effective, ideally suited for small to medium batch quantities, and are extremely durable. The design is readily adaptable to fit internal supports, end fixing plates and control tapes to aid uniform opening. Stainless steel louvers can be fitted to the covers to stop damage from hot swarf or weld splatter. This construction method is ideal when there is not sufficient clearance to install a steel telescopic cover.

Due to our continuous fabric development programme we are able to introduce the latest fabrics and materials. For concertina covers and bellows we normally use nylon-based fabrics, including polyurethane, neoprene, nitrile and butyl.

We also stock a wide range of other fabrics, which enables us to manufacture covers for use in specialist environments without the delay of ordering a suitable material. These include hot and cold, chemical and food applications. Our covers are sewn with nylon or kevlar thread.

Round, square or rectangular bellows can be supplied split for ease of fitting around shafts or screws. After installation the bellow is closed with a tape clip or hook and loop.