– concertina covers –

concertina covers to protect machine slideways, cylinder rods and screws

Concertina covers and bellows provide the safest and most effective way of protecting machine slideways, cylinder rods and screws. There are no sliding joints to wear out or moving metal parts to cause damage. If damage to the cover occurs, it can immediately be seen and repaired. Our design allows for the replacement of individual sections.

Our covers are manufactured from a range of fabrics to suit most applications and profiles. The seams are welded or sewn and cemented, or a combination of both construction methods is used. Press-tool-cut (or fabricated) covers offer the largest open-to-closed ratios. Welded polyurethane covers are watertight, preventing ingress from oil and fine particulate, and are ideally suited to grinding applications. Due to our continuous fabric development programme we are able to introduce the latest materials to support our main product lines.

For concertina covers and bellows we normally use nylon-based fabrics, including polyurethane, neoprene, nitrile and butyl. We also stock a wide range of other fabrics, which enables us to manufacture covers for use in specialist environments without the delay of ordering a suitable material. These include hot and cold, chemical and food applications.