slideway / bedway and cross-slide covers

product types:

  • bedway covers (mounted horizontally)
  • slideways covers (mounted horizontally or vertically)
  • cross-slide covers
  • linear bearing rail and bridge bearing plate covers
  • pleated covers (normally used on measuring, inspection and metrology equipment)

We can produce this type of cover to virtually any profile. As every vee or gusset is cut to the finished design, our covers will retain their profile and integrity no matter how harsh the environment. Each piece of fabric is shaped to your requirement. This will produce an extremely robust cover which will naturally want to close. The design will stop the covers jumping out of position as the machine travels forwards and backwards at speed.

This construction method is far superior to folded covers. A folded cover will have a plastic former in each ‘vee’. When an internal plastic former breaks, the cover will not work properly and it will collapse or jam. With a welded or sewn and cemented cover, individual sections can be replaced if damage occurs, which means that new replacement covers should not be required for many years.

Control tapes are sometimes fitted to larger covers to aid uniform opening. They are normally positioned underneath the cover. Each end of the cover will usually have a 2.5mm thick steel fixing plate behind the last vee.

Stainless steel louvers can be fitted to the covers to stop damage from hot swarf or weld splatter. This construction method is ideal when there is not sufficient clearance to install a steel telescopic cover.