boxed roller blinds

The roller mechanism and wound blind are fitted inside a metal box, which gives protection against swarf.

The box opening can be fitted with a wiper or brush to remove swarf and chippings from the retracting blind during operation.

The boxed roller blinds can be mounted for vertical, horizontal or cross-slide operation. Most of our boxed roller units are manufactured to suit customer requirements.

The length, width and height of the box and diameter of the roller tube is determined by the required blind width and open length or stroke.

We also stock three standard sizes of boxed roller units for covering lathe screws and shafts.

These are supplied as a pair for left and right-hand fitting. This range is manufactured to fit most types of manual lathes and can usually be delivered quickly.

The blind dimensions are 1500mm stroke x 200mm wide, 2000mm stroke x 200mm wide and 3000mm stroke x 250mm wide. The metal boxes are made to suit and powder coated safety yellow.